“Saving Green: Advancing Sustainable Business Practices in Corvallis” was a special program on June 6th that featured presentations by OSU Public Policy graduate students about their term project, done on behalf of the Sustainability Coalition and the Corvallis community.

The students’ overarching research question was: How can the Coalition encourage local businesses to implement more sustainable practices? The methods used to answer this question incorporated case studies of programs in similar communities, as well as a survey and interviews with Corvallis business owners.

The presentation on June 6th included the outcome of the students’ work and a set of recommendations to the Coalition.

We invite you to read the report, and to watch the presentation!

Saving Green_Report

Saving Green_PowerPoint_Presentation

The June 6th presentation at the library was recorded.  You can watch it here:  http://vimeo.com/68014467  (The password is “SOC519″.)


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  1. […] Check out the in depth report and PowerPoint presentation on the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition’s website. […]

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