Action Plan

The Action Plan

The Community Sustainability Action Plan is a long-range, visionary document that was developed in 2008 by the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition to meet the Corvallis City Council’s goal “to develop a community-wide sustainability initiative”.  The plan was the result of a landmark community process that revolved around three town hall meetings and involved hundreds of Corvallis residents and thousands of volunteer hours.

The 2008 Action Plan was based on the work products of 12 Coalition work groups and was intended to provide a framework for the next several years of Coalition and community work. It built upon The Corvallis Vision 2020 Statement, which was adopted by City Council in 1998 to outline a vision of the desired Corvallis community of the future. The Action Plan is a “living document” that is intended to be refined and improved over time and modified as progress is made toward the goals. Town hall meetings are held annually to provide residents an opportunity to suggest changes or additions to the plan.

The 2008 Action Plan was revised in 2012-13, using a process developed by the Coalition Steering Committee. Action Teams conducted an initial review and submitted recommended changes to the public for their feedback and input through a series of “Community Conversations”.  The Action Teams used the public input to develop the revised document, titled Community Sustainability: A Framework for Action.  The Framework was published in 2013 and can be downloaded here:


Both the 2008 Action Plan and 2013 Action Framework are organized around 12 topic areas and include the following elements for each topic area:

  • Vision – An image or description of what the community desires to become in the future.
  • Goals – Descriptions of the “end state” we would like to achieve.  Goals are accomplished through implementation of strategies and actions.
  • Strategies – Statements of approach or method of attaining goals and resolving specific issues.  Strategies begin to answer the question, “How will we go about accomplishing our goals?”  Strategies describe a general approach or method.
  • Actions – The projects, plans, or activities, ideally prioritized annually, which must be accomplished in order to achieve a stated goal.
  • Metrics – Units of measurement used to help track progress towards a goal.
  • Baseline – The current situation or the initial set of metrics used for comparison over time.
  • Potential Key Organizations – Organizations and/or agencies that have been identified as potential implementers of the strategies that have been proposed.
  • Timeline – Anticipated implementation date, selected from 0-2 years, 3-5 years and 6-10 years.

The Action Framework is to be implemented by the entire community, including the Sustainability Coalition’s Action Teams, who are working in collaboration with Coalition partners and other key organizations.