Become an Energizer!


Become an Energizer!

“Take Charge Corvallis” is the new name for our local initiative to compete for the $5 million Georgetown University Energy Prize – and we need YOU to help spread the word by becoming an Energizer!

Please contact if you’d like to sign up to become an Energizer!

This is an amazing opportunity to create a community-wide effort to reduce our energy use. Whether your interest is saving money, moving toward a fossil fuel-free future, winning the energy prize, or all three, NOW is a great time to get involved.

  • Our goal is to reach 100% of community members with the message that “Every energy-saving action counts!”
  • We invite you to become part of our outreach team of Energizers – volunteers who are helping to spread the word about Take Charge Corvallis by reaching out to the people they know (family members, friends, co-workers, groups we belong to, etc.).
  • Volunteers who want to become Energizers are invited to attend an orientation session to receive basic information and outreach materials.

 To save energy at your house by participating in Take Charge Corvallis, click HERE.