Housing Resources

Housing Action Plans with updates (March 2012, March 2013)

HOUSING_2013 – A framework for Action

Proposed Housing Action Plan (prior to Community Forum on March 22, 2012)

Housing Team Goals Proposed Changes March 2012

City of Corvallis  FY 10-11 CDBG/HOME Action Plan


Linn and Benton County’s 10 year plan addressing issues surrounding housing and homelessness 


The Role of Affordable Housing in Creating Jobs and Stimulating Local Economic Development


Further Research by the Centre of Housing Policy



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Housing: Vision

The vision of the housing action team is that by 2040, all residents have access to affordable housing options. Housing is energy efficient, provides a healthy living environment, and reduces waste through recycling and preservation; and all new construction minimizes impacts on our resources and environment.

Housing: Goals

Goal 1: By 2025 all residents/households will have access to affordable housing options.*

Goal 2: By 2025, all existing housing in Corvallis will be preserved, adaptively reused or recycled.

Goal 3: By 2025, 100% of new construction will have minimal impact on resources and the environment.

Goal 4: By 2025, chronic homelessness will be reduced by 65%.

Housing: Current Projects

1. Organize Spring 2011 Event: “Sustainable/Retrofit Housing Options” in cooperation with the Sustainable Building Network

2. Reduce average energy used by households to 18,000 kwh/year in 2012; 14,000 kwh/year in 2016; and 9000 kwh/year in 2020. (progress is managed by Energy Action Team)

3. By 2012, chronic homelessness will be reduced by 35% from 120 homeless to 78. (managed by taskforce for the implemention of the 10 year plan to end Homelessness)