Natural Areas Celebration Week

May 3-11, 2014

Visit the NACW 2014 Calendar of events to learn all about this year’s activities!
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We invite you to join us for our fifth annual event –  this week is a celebration of the incredible natural resources in our community. Come and join us for a hike, walk, workshop, or lecture! From a historian walk at a local natural area, to a photography outing atop Fitton Green, there is bound to be something for everyone. Every event is family-friendly, free and open to the public, so come and spend some time exploring the natural world around us…

NACW Poster2014


3 Responses to Natural Areas Celebration Week

  1. Karen Emery says:

    Nice selection of events for the week! Who is the naturalist leading the two hikes in City natural areas? The one at Bald Hill Nautral area and Willamette Park. Thanks!

  2. Paul Rentz says:

    Karen, I’ve heard both speak and have seen their work- amazing knowledge! I think you’d really enjoy yourself and be in expert hands.

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