Corvallis Area ReUse Directory

In early 2010, we created the Corvallis-Area ReUse Directory, a guide to all of the organizations and businesses in Corvallis and Philomath that accept items for reuse. The guide is categorized into types of items and a corresponding list of locations that accept said items.

The most current directory (March 2014 edition) is available for download – click below!


2014-15 Corvallis-Area ReUse Directory (full size, 11×17)

2014-15 Corvallis-Area ReUse Directory (printer-friendly)


Waste Prevention: Vision

The Vision of the Waste Prevention Action Team is that by 2030, Corvallis is a waste-free community.

Waste Prevention: Goals

Goal 1: By 2020, the recycling rate for the Corvallis community will be 75%. (The recycling rate includes cardboard, commingled materials, electronics, food waste, office paper, wood waste, and yard debris that have been recycled.)

Goal 2:  By 2020, there will be a 50% reduction in the per capita weight of landfill disposal (discards).

Goal 3: By 2020, the Corvallis community will increase proper disposal of hazardous waste by 75%.

Waste Prevention: Current Projects

Corvallis Recycling Block Captain Program: A way for Corvallis citizens to educate their neighborhood about recycling and waste prevention.

Corvallis-Area ReUse Directory: A guide to all of the organizations and businesses in our area that accept items for reuse, and what they each accept.

Faith Communities Project: Outreach to local faith communities to help educate their congregations about waste prevention.