The Water Action Team 

logoThe Three Waters Project is  a water efficiency demonstration site at the First Alternative Natural Foods South Store on SE 3rd Street in Corvallis. The project reduces tapwater usage, wastewater discharge and stormwater discharge into municipal stormwater pipes by 50% over the 2008 baselines. For more info, click Three Waters.

Shawala Point  Confluence of the Mary's and Willamette Rivers in Corvallis, Oregon. Photo by Dave Eckert

City Streams/Rivers

The Water Action Team partners with the City and non-profits to learn more about our local urban streams and rivers, engage in reviving native aquatic life and improve the symbiotic relationship between residents and our streams and rivers. For more information, click City Streams.

Oregon State University Stormwater

The Water Action TeaStormwater pipe discharging runoff and groundwater from Reser Stadium into Oak Creek. Photo by Dave Eckertm is partners with OSU departments and organizations to analyze and reduce stormwater discharge to either the municipal treatment plant or directly into Oak Creek or the Willamette River. For more information, click OSU Stormwater Program.