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Water: Vision

The vision of the water action team is that water conservation efforts decrease the amount of water city residents use, and streams and creeks are clean and clear.

Water: Goals

Goal 1: By 2050, there will be a 50% reduction in the water flow (quantity) from 2008 annual levels through the Corvallis municipal water systems (currently including the Taylor and Rock Creek Water Treatment Plants, Wastewater Treatment Plant, and storm water piping system).

Goal 2: By 2025, Corvallis watersheds will be revived to conditions that provide healthy habitat characteristics that support reproducing populations of cold water native fish as indicator species of aquatic health in Corvallis principal streams.

Water: Current Projects

 1. Three Waters – Plan and install a Sustainable Water Demonstration Site at the First Alternative Natural Foods Co-op South Store to demonstrate to the public how businesses and residences can reduce tap water use plus wastewater and stormwater discharge into municipal systems by 50% while maintaining current standards of living, health and convenience.

2. Dixon Creek Citizen Engagement - Engage property owners adjacent to Dixon Creek in the health and functioning of the stream. The City government has received EPA grant funding and has assumed primary responsibility for this project.

3. Jefferson Way Outfall Bioswale Project – Plan and construct an area along the west end of Jefferson Way at OSU that can treat the stormwater flowing out of the end of City stormwater pipes and treat the stormwater using natural biological methods prior to it entering Oak Creek.