The Energy Action Team

Join the Energy Action Team as we plan for and get to work

  • on energy efficiency outreach to three Corvallis neighborhoods,
  • on ramping up community awareness of Corvallis’s Revolving Loan Fund (a fund that provides low interest loans for energy efficiency),
  • on training another score of volunteers to be “Energizers”, advisers who can serve as energy experts in their communities
  • on partnering with local energy efficiency advocacy organizations
  • on striving to bring more energy grant dollars to Corvallis
  • on educating Benton County residents on Pacific Power’s Feed In Tariff (you get paid to produce solar from photovoltaic systems that you buy without Oregon tax subsidies),
  • on keeping more Corvallis dollars in Corvallis (energy efficiency, investment in local jobs, and investment in locally generated renewable energy), and
  • on having FUN (!) while we do all this….

The Energy Action Team has developed some ambitious goals and actions outlined in the newly revised Energy section of Community Sustainability: A Framework for Action — soon to be published by the Sustainability Coalition. Take a look at the Energy vision, goals, strategies, and actions here:  ENERGY_2013 – A Framework for Action

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Energy: Vision

The vision of the energy action team is that by 2025, Corvallis has achieved energy security and net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy: Goals

Goal 1: By 2025, Corvallis will reduce per capita consumption of energy in the built environment by greater than 50% using energy efficiency and conservation.

Goal 2: By 2025, all energy utilized in Corvallis will be 100% renewable.

Goal 3: By 2030, Corvallis will eliminate net greenhouse gas emissions from energy use.

Energy: Current Projects

1.        Energy Efficiency Assistance:  by May 2011, we will have trained almost 50 volunteers to advise Corvallis residents on cost effective energy efficiency upgrades and the incentives and tax credits that make these upgrades even more affordable.
2.       Energy Efficiency Assistance:   A Revolving Loan Fund has been established, to provide low interest, energy efficiency loans of up to $10,000.  Thanks go to the City of Corvallis and to Federal Stimulus Funding.
3.       Neighborhood Outreach:  By 2013, the Corvallis Community Energy Project will have reached 10 Corvallis neighborhoods and established Neighborhood Energy Leads in each of these neighborhoods.   In 2010 we worked with the Jobs Addition neighborhood near Corvallis High School.