The Energy Action Team

Join the Energy Action Team as we plan for and get to work on:

  • Facilitating Corvallis’s participation in the Georgetown University Energy Prize competition,
  • Energy efficiency outreach to Corvallis neighborhoods,
  • Partnering with local energy efficiency advocacy organizations,
  • Exploring ways to bring more renewable energy to Corvallis, including community solar,
  • Striving to bring more energy grant dollars to Corvallis,
  • Keeping more Corvallis dollars in Corvallis (energy efficiency, investment in local jobs, and investment in locally generated renewable energy), and
  • Having FUN (!) while we do all this….

The Energy Action Team has developed some ambitious goals and actions outlined in the Energy section of the Sustainability Coalition’s Action Plan: Community Sustainability: A Framework for Action. See pages 15-17 for Energy vision and goals, as well as proposed strategies and actions.

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