The Food Action Team

In our current food system, it takes seven to ten calories of fossil fuel energy to produce one calorie of food.  Much of this energy is used to produce chemical fertilizers and to transport food products around the world.  The Food Action Team (FAT) aims to increase the consumption of locally- and sustainably-produced food, encourage personal connections between farmers and consumers, and support home gardening while ensuring that all community members have access to quality food.

The Food Action Team has two active subgroups:

  • Corvallis Local 6 Connection
  • The Garden Group

The Corvallis Local 6 Connection is working to increase demand and overall consumption of local food through marketing and identification.  In addition to organizing an annual Local Eats Week in fall, the team is excited to be coordinating the Eat 40% Local Challenge! Want to get in on the action? Email to join the group and get email notifications on meetings and events. Keep up to date by joining the Food Action Team Google Group email list:  Food Action Team Google Group

The Garden Group has focused on fostering neighborhood gardening groups by developing an online forum for area gardeners, publishing a resource guide for Corvallis-area gardeners, and sponsoring a series of Edible Front Yard Garden Tours.

The Food Action Team has developed some ambitious goals and actions outlined in the newly revised Food section of Community Sustainability: A Framework for Action. Take a look at the Food vision, goals, strategies, and actions here: FOOD_2013 – A Framework for Action

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