The Waste Prevention Action Team

Here’s what’s happening with the Waste Prevention Action Team:

We have started a Recycling Block Captain program, update and distribute the Corvallis-Area ReUse Directory, and are working with local faith communities! Click on the menu items to the right to learn more!

The Waste Prevention Action Team has developed some ambitious goals and actions outlined in the newly revised Waste Prevention section of Community Sustainability: A Framework for Action — soon to be published by the Sustainability Coalition. Take a look at the Waste Prevention vision, goals, strategies, and actions here: WASTE_PREVENTION_2013 – A Framework for Action

Upcoming Meetings and Events
Waste Prevention Resources
Project: Recycling Block Captain Program
Project: Corvallis Area ReUse Directory
Project: Faith Community Education
Project: Da Vinchi Days Festival Green Team


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Waste Prevention: Vision

The Vision of the Waste Prevention Action Team is that by 2030, Corvallis is a waste-free community.

Waste Prevention: Goals

Goal 1: By 2020, the recycling rate for the Corvallis community will be 75%. (The recycling rate includes cardboard, commingled materials, electronics, food waste, office paper, wood waste, and yard debris that have been recycled.)

Goal 2:  By 2020, there will be a 50% reduction in the per capita weight of landfill disposal (discards).

Goal 3: By 2020, the Corvallis community will increase proper disposal of hazardous waste by 75%.

Waste Prevention: Current Projects

Corvallis Recycling Block Captain Program: A way for Corvallis citizens to educate their neighborhood about recycling and waste prevention.

Corvallis-Area ReUse Directory: A guide to all of the organizations and businesses in our area that accept items for reuse, and what they each accept.

Faith Communities Project: Outreach to local faith communities to help educate their congregations about waste prevention.